How much is a stamp?

How much is a stamp?

The editor found on the Internet that many netizens are more concerned about the number of stamps sent nationwide. My friends must be very interested in the content of the stamps posted in the city, and they all want to know the specifics. What is the content of the provincial mail stamps? We will explain in three parts. The first part is the price of the mail stamps. The second part is whether the mail will be notified when the mail arrives. The third part is how much does it cost to send a letter to the province. stamp.

Domestic Postage (1) Local letter postage: 1. Ordinary mail: 20 grams and less, the postage is 0.80 yuan; 21-100 grams for every additional 20 grams can be understood as affixed to the envelope 80 (Divided stamps and 120-cent stamps)-abroad–postage-if you want to send a letter with a good friend abroad, you can know one.

How much is the stamp in the city

You shouldn’t need money for mailing a letter, but the stamp on the envelope must be purchased.

Local letter within 20g 0.8 yuan within 100g 1.2 yuan, national letter within 20g 1.2 yuan within 100g 2.4 yuan, postcard nationwide 0.8 yuan.

How much is stamps sent across provinces?

The price of letters can only be distinguished by local and foreign cities. There is no domestic price in the province. The price in the province is calculated according to the national price. The domestic regular mail postage starts at 1.2 yuan (20 grams), and after 20 grams, each weight of 20 grams adds 1.2 yuan. The overweight part of more than 100 grams will add 2 yuan for every 100 grams. Of course, if you just send a letter or a greeting card, you will pay 1.2 yuan.

In other cities, the postage of fewer than 20 grams is calculated at 1.2 yuan. If it exceeds 20 grams, you will have to pay 1.2 yuan more for every 20 grams of postage. For A4 paper, a 70-gram piece is about 4.37 grams. Moreover, the post office weighs the letter. It includes the weight of the stamp (or with glue) affixed to the envelope. However, stamps are generally very light, basically less than one gram. Personally.

Inquiry about the price of postage stamps

Letters within 20 grams cost 1.2 yuan for ordinary letters and 4.2 yuan for registered letters. For those exceeding 20 grams, 1.2 yuan for ordinary letters and 1.2 yuan for 20 grams of registered letters.

However, the current standard postage for letters in my country is as follows: (1) Postage for local letters: 1. Ordinary mail: 20 grams and less, the postage is 0.80 yuan; 21-100 grams for every more than 20 grams increase the postage by 0.80 yuan; 101 grams and above renewed weight fee Each weighs 100 grams (no.

Will you be notified when the postal letter arrives?

So, thank you for your invitation. 1. The local port (city-wide letters) is charged 0.8 yuan per 20 grams, and the other cities (places outside the city) are charged 1.2 yuan per 20 grams. The domestic ordinary mail registered postage is 2.80 yuan. 2. 20 grams of letters sent to Taiwan The postage is 1.50 yuan, and the registration fee is 3.00 yuan/piece.

However, the results of part of the auction transactions, private negotiations, and cash transactions of our company are as follows: “Long live the complete victory of the proletarian cultural revolution” (Xi said “big piece of red”) unpublished stamps No.: JD Transaction price: RMB Auction date auction.

If you bring an envelope, you will not be overweight with a 1.2 yuan stamp.

So the above content is some information about how much mail stamps are sent across the country. However, I hope this article can help netizens get some content they want to know. How many stamps are posted in the city is carefully collected by the editor, and I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

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