Difference between NSE and BSE

Difference between nse and bse

NSE is the acronym of the National Stock Exchange. At the same time, BSE is the acronym of the Bombay Stock Exchange. NSE is the stock exchange that has the reputation of being the most significant stock exchange ruling in India. However, BSE is papular as India’s oldest stock exchange. Difference between nse and bse This oldest stock exchange established several years ago. In 1875, it establishes, while NSE was established in 1992. 

What is NSE?

It is the electronic exchange system that was introduced in India in 1992. It’s rapidly made significant progress. It successfully gained its worthy place in the market in a very short tenure and is known to be the 10th biggest stock exchange. The market capitalization of NSE is more than $1.41 trillion, which is ample to describe its prestige and value. 

What is BSE?

BSE is the stock exchange that is popular among the masses to the optimum. People rely on it without any hassle and confusion. It has got the rank of being the 12th most prominent stock exchange in the world. Not only this, but its market capitalization is terrific and mesmerizing, which is over $2 trillion. It is the first-ever Asian stock exchange that offers multiple stunning services. These include depository services, Central Depository Services Limited (CDSL), risk management, market data services, etc. 


Benchmark Index

NSE enjoys having the benchmark index of Nifty, while Sensex is the benchmark index for BSE. Indeed, it has also got value in the global ranking. The liquidity of NSE is more than that of BSE. Hence, NSE is a much better choice for investment. Similarly, the trading volume of NSE is also higher than the BSE. 

Promotes Trading Difference between nse and bse

Both of these stock exchanges promote different elements. BSE promotes trading in derivatives, currencies, mutual funds, debt instruments, and equity. However, NSE promotes trading in currency derivatives segments, debt, equity derivatives, equity, and trading equity. 

Website Reference

Both stock exchanges have their official websites, which the masses can go through for reference purposes. All the stock information update on the official sites. It keeps on updating quite frequently to offer the current information. NSE has www.nseindia.com as a website reference, while BSE has www.bseindia.com as a website reference.  

Companies Difference between nse and bse

NSE’s Nifty comprises much more companies than the BSE’s Sensex. The number of companies in BSE’s Sensex is 30, while in the NSE’s Nifty, the number of companies is 50. Enormous companies list on the stock exchange. One thousand six hundred ninety-six companies list with NSE. However, this number is immensely high for the number of listed companies for BSE. There are 5749 listed companies for BSE. 

In a Nutshell

Both exchange companies are highly significant and prestigious parts of the Indian Capital Market. A considerable number of investors and brokers rush to the stock exchanges for trading purposes. Both of these stock exchanges are located in SEBI, Maharashtra, and Mumbai. If you do not know much about the stock exchange, you can invest in BSE or NSE.

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