How to fold a fitted sheet?

How to fold a fitted sheet

How to fold a fitted sheet. Practical to use and perfect for those who always love to have the bed in perfect order. The fitted sheets can appear complicated to fold in the right way. Avoiding that those corners designed to adhere to the mattress create excessive thickness.

In reality, folding fitted sheets is not a complicated operation, and although with the help of another person it may be more accessible, we can also manage on our own. Here are some tips and tricks to perfectly fold the fitted sheets in total autonomy.

Folding the sheets with corners: the classic method

The most traditional way to fold fitted sheets involves folding them in half after placing the sheet underneath the bed. In this way, the corners will be overlapped, and by inserting the hand in the hollow form. You can make them fit together perfectly. This creates a crease on the edge, which we should then arrange not to make an excessive thickness.

At this point, our sheet will have taken the shape of a ubiquitous rectangular sheet, and you can proceed to fold it usually.

Fold sheets with corners from the edges.

When managing household chores, each has our customized system to do it while saving time. A great alternative way to fold fitted sheets is to start at the edges.

Once the bottom sheet has been spread over the bed so that the wrong side of the sheet is on the top, proceed by folding all four corners inwards to form a kind of frame.

Using your hands to prevent the folded part from rolling up, fold the sheet in half and continue as you usually do until it reducess to a small rectangle that is easy to store.

How to fold fitted sheets while standing

To fold the fitted sheets while standing, you must first hold the sheet from the longer side. At this point, join the two sides by inserting a hand in the seams of the corners that will match. Now you will have the two corners held together in one hand.

Repeat the operation with the third corner (which you will grab with your free hand) and then the fourth. The fitted sheet will now have become a small rectangle that you can place on a flat surface to finish folding it. Depending on the size and thickness, you can complete your work by folding it into two or three parts. Flatten the fabric well before storing it inside the closet, ready to place back in the bed.
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