Best Mattress Topper for Back Pain Available in the Market in 2021

Best mattress topper for back pain

When choosing the best mattress topper for back pain, choosing the hardness that suits you is vital. If it is too hard or too soft, it will put a strain on your body. In this article, we’ll discuss each issue for those wondering whether to choose a hard mattress or a soft mattress. Use this as a reference when selecting a bed for a good night’s sleep.

Should the mattress used in the bed be stiff? Should it be soft?

Some people may be wondering whether to choose a hard mattress or a soft mattress. Here, we will explain what problems a bed is too hard or too soft causes and how to solve them.

Problems with hard mattresses

It has long been said that a hard mattress is good for back pain. There is a theory, but the reason seems to be that “the waist does not sink like a soft mattress and it does not look like a stoop.”

Indeed, hard mattresses have less subduction. However, because of its repulsive solid force, some people may feel pain or tired because they support their weight only in specific areas such as the waist, back, and heels.

In addition, supporting weight only in a specific part means keeping other parts with muscle strength and skeleton. In particular, it is said that people who often lie down or have significant irregularities in their bodies tend to feel pain and fatigue with a simple mattress. Also, middle-aged and older generations, whose muscles are weakened and their bodies become inflexible, often find that too stiff beds do not fit their bodies.

It is essential to choose the hardness of the mattress that suits you

By now, you know that mattresses can’t be too hard or too soft. It is vital to balance hardness that appropriately distributes weight to the head, back, hips, calves, and hardness that makes it easy to turn over on the elbows and knees. Since each person has a different body shape and weight, choosing a mat that suits you is crucial.

How to choose a mattress that suits you: Best mattress topper for back pain

In many cases, you may not know the correct degree of subduction and fit when you sleep on a mattress, even if you think that the mattress suits you. Sleeping for a long time can make you tired. It also recommends consulting with the sales staff when choosing a bed in a showroom.

What to do if your mattress is too hard to sleep

What if I’m not happy with the mattress I’m already using? Here are some measures to take when the bed is too hard to sleep in.

Use a bed pad (thick)

Bed pads items that laid under sheets mainly to improve sleeping comfort and to prevent sweat and moisture. If the mattress feels stiff, why not adjust it softly with a thick bed pad? Wool bed pads, in particular, said to have high elasticity.

Replace the mattress

I’ve introduced some remedies, but think of them as first aid and fine-tuning. Since it is the mattress that determines most comfort, there are limits to how much surface material can be adjusted.

In particular, we recommend replacing mattresses that have used for ten years or more and have deteriorated over time. Check for ageing signals, such as a dent in the centre, inelasticity, or a creaking coil.

What to do if the mattress is too soft to sleep

If the mattress is too soft, you can use an overlay mattress on top of the bed. Overlay mattresses include high-resilience, low-resilience, and uneven types, so choose the one that suits you so that your body does not sink.

The other way is to buy a new one. There is also a method of using a high-resilience type topper, but it is possible that the desired effect will not be obtained because cushioning material will add.

Precautions when the mattress does not fit your body

Some people take first aid if the beds feel uncomfortable, such as laying a futon on the bed. Is there a problem?

It is NG to lay a mattress.

Just because a mattress doesn’t fit your body, laying a bed on top of it can make it more susceptible to mould and mites. The mattress absorbs humidity quickly and is made assuming that it will raise and lowered every day. It is not particularly good to leave it on the floor. Since it is necessary to dry the mattress frequently, it is troublesome to maintain.

First aid is not enough: Best mattress topper for back pain

The bed is an important place to rest. Therefore, you should buy a mattress that suits your body as soon as possible. First aid with bed pads or toppers is not the ultimate solution. Think of it as a fine-tuning of your sleeping comfort.

Recommended mattress for replacement

1. Waist measures mattress Motton: Best mattress topper for back pain
Best mattress topper for back pain

A mattress that supports natural turning over, supported by more than 100,000 people

The high-resilience mattress “Motton” is a mattress researched and developed according to the body shape of Japanese people and recommends for those who ” have a heavy waist and continue to lack sleep, “wake up many times at night, “and ” do not turn over. “.

It features repulsive force that supports natural turning over and excellent body pressure dispersibility. It adopts “Nano Three,” a next-generation high-resilience urethane foam, which has good breathability and is hard to get stuffy, so it realizes a comfortable sleep. I will.

Features of Motton

  1. The repulsive force that supports natural turning over
  2. Excellent body pressure dispersibility, reducing the burden on the lower back as much as possible
  3. Amazing durability that does not quickly settle
  4. Excellent breathability due to next-generation high-resilience urethane foam “Nano Three.”
  5. Hygienic with fewer mites and fleas
  6. A new sensation of sleeping comfort that makes you want to sleep unintentionally

2. Emma mattress: Best mattress topper for back pain
Best mattress topper for back pain

“Emma Mattress” is a mattress recommended for those who have troubles such as “I wake up with a pain in my lower back when I sleep,” “It takes time to sleep,” and “I feel tired even if I sleep well.”, by seven zoning structure body pressure dispersibility height and, by relief structure easily and material moisture breathable good is characterized.

It’s easy to turn over, so it’s less likely to put a load on one point on your body.

You won’t know how comfortable the mattress is until you try it, but the point is that you can feel free to try it because the “Emma Mattress” has a 100-day trial period. It has a long service life and comes with a 10-year warranty so that you can buy it with confidence.

One of the attractions is that the mattress is high-performance and high-quality, but the price is not so high, so if you interest. Please give it a try.

3. NELL mattress: Best mattress topper for back pain

“NELL Mattress” is a pocket coil mattress jointly developed by “Morght Co., Ltd.” and “Rubik JP Co., Ltd.” By arranging a stiff pocket coil on the waist, it supports natural turning over during sleep, reducing the load on the body while sleeping. In addition, because it uses padding made of alternating thin urethane and non-woven fabric. It has good breathability, lowers the core body temperature while sleeping, and realizes a comfortable sleep.

It is also an excellent point that there is a 120-day trial period after the product arrives. In particular, if you are looking for a mattress that suits you, you should try it, as you will not know how comfortable it is to sleep until you try it for a few days.

4. Venus bed domestic pocket coil mattress

“Domestic Pocket Coil Mattress” is the most popular original mattress in “Venus Bed.” Since it supports the body with “dots,” the body pressure dispersed, and you can maintain a relaxed sleeping posture, reducing the burden on your back, hips, and shoulders. In addition, because vibration is structurally difficult to transmit, it does not interfere with the sleep of loved ones.

We used piano wire springs, which have stricter standards than hard steel wires, to improve strength and quality. Urethane foam and cotton with deodorant and antibacterial treatment used for the stuffing, and the side fabric is 100% cotton that is soft to the touch.