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Kilometer And Mile

Kilometers and miles are units used to represent large and small distances because these are used to measure the length. In the following article, we get to know about 30 km to miles So don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it’s going to be very useful for you guys. The mile is used primarily in English-speaking countries such as England and the United States.

 In the case of a kilometer, it is used to measure the distance between cities, countries, towns, and states. The kilometer is denoted by km for both singular and plural, for example, 1km, 6km, 10km, 20km. 

Nautical Mile

The nautical mile or marine mile is a unit of length used to measure the length and distance in marine and air navigation. Its traditional value is 1853.2m which is approximately equal to the size of 1 arc. This system of the unit does not belong to the international system of units (SI). 

How to convert kilometers to miles( land and nautical)

Conversion of a land mile

1 kilometer equals 0.62137119 miles:

1 kilometer = (1/1.609344) mile = 0.62137119 miles

The distance in miles (MI) is equal to the distance (d) divided by 1.609344 by kilometers (km):

d (miles) = d (km) / 1.609344

Convert 30 kilometers to miles:

d (miles) = 30 kilometers / 1.609344 = 18.6411miles.

Conversion of a nautical mile.

 One kilometer is equivalent to 0.539957 nautical miles.

1km = 0.539957miles 

To find out how to convert 30 km into mn (kilometers into nautical miles), we just  made the following calculation:

30 x 0.539957 = 16.19871

We multiply the value of 30 km by 0.539957 to get the result of 16.19871 mn. Note that 1 kilometer is equivalent to 0.539957 nautical miles.

Kilometer to Mile Conversion Table

Kilometers (km) Miles (mi)
0.01 km 0.0062 miles
0.1 km 0.0621 miles
1 km 0.6214 miles
2 km 1.2427 miles
3 km 1.8641 miles
4 km 2.4855 miles
5 km 3.1069 miles
6 km 3.7282 miles
7 kilometers 4.3496 miles
8 kilometers 4.9710 miles
9 km 5.5923 miles
10 km 6.2137 miles
20 kilometers 12.4274 miles
30 km 18.6411 miles
40 km 24.8548 miles
50 km 31.0686 miles
60 km 37.2823 miles
70 km 43.4960 miles
80 km 49.7097 miles
90 km 55.9234 miles
100 km 62.1371 miles


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