How To Map Network Drive For Student Computer?

How to map a network drive

“Mapping a network drive” means to change a shared folder on other computers into a logical drive letter on your computer for convenient use. In this guide, you’ll know How to map a network drive.

For example, there are two computers, “A” and “B,” and there are four logical drives “C,” “D,” “E,” and “F” on both computers, and the IP address of computer “A” is:

If there is a folder named “WEB” on computer “A” and it has been set to share status. Then on the “B” computer, I can go through: right-click “My Network Places” — select “Map Network Drive (N)…” —- then enter “\” in “Folder (0)””, and then click “Finish.”

Now there is an extra drive “G” in “My Computer” on the computer “B,” and the contents of this drive are the contents of the “WEB” folder on computer “A.”

Teach you how to map network drives in a local area network

Establish “Mapping Network Drive” for each student computer

The environment is Windows 98 peer-to-peer network. The teacher’s computer name is “Teacher.” The hard disk is divided into four areas C, D, E, F; there are 60 student computers, and the computer names are 1~60, and the hard disk is divided into three partitions C, D, E.

First, create 60 folders on the F disk of the teacher’s computer, the names of the folders are 1~60, and all of them are set to be shared, and the shared names are corresponding numbers.

Then make the corresponding settings of the student computer. Take the No. 1 machine as an example to illustrate the setting method: right-click on “My Computer” of No. 1 machine and select “Mapping Network Drive”; set the drive name to Disk F and the path to “\Teacher,” and be sure to select “ Reconnect at login.” In this way, the “mapped drive” is the No. 1 folder of the teacher’s computer. Then set the “Mapping Network Drive” of other student computers in turn. In this way, the connection is automatically re-established every time the computer start.

Mapping Network Drive

After this setting, students can easily access files when they operate on the computer. The students save the files in the F disk, which save in the teacher’s disk. It must note that it is best to turn on the teacher’s computer. Every time you get on the computer so that the student. The computer can find the “mapped network drive” smoothly. 

But after some time. I found that students can easily open all the shared folders. In the teacher’s computer through the “Network Neighborhood” (for management convenience, I have saved all the files on the student computer). With print sharing off). So I added “1” after the share name of the folder. 1~60 in the teacher’s computer. And set the path of each student computer’s mapped drive one by one. And added \Teacher at the end.

Provide resources for each student computer and collect homework regularly

First, create a new folder named “Resources” on the F drive of the teacher computer, and set up a share named 

As long as the teacher puts the material in the “Material” folder of Disk F. It corresponds to the “Material” folder of Disk G of the mapped student computer, so it is very convenient to provide materials for students.

At the same time, the “homework” setup also greatly facilitates students to turn in their homework regularly. As long as the students save the homework in the “homework” under the G disk. When handing in the homework. It stipulates that the student’s machine number is appended to the file name. How to do a messy bun And the teacher can review it after the homework receive. To prevent the loss of the file. You can also copy the file and save it separately to ensure that it is foolproof.

You can make the above settings according to your needs. And then use the protection card to protect all the partitions. How to map a network drive This not only protects the data of the hard disk. But also protects the operation of the mapped drive that we have done, and at the same time, facilitates the learning of the students.