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How to make an Envelope?

We have become too busy that we cannot make tiny things with our hands in this era. Even though we know that it’s easy, we usually buy them from stores. But to make an envelope is a satisfying thing, if you are interested in designing or arts, you will find it interesting. If you have no idea how to make an envelope, then it’s not a huge problem. Here I will explain the few most manageable steps of creating an envelope. So, let’s dive into the steps;

Tools to make an envelope:

Sticky tape
Sheet of paper

Steps to push an envelope:

1st step: Cutting and Folding

First, cut the paper in a square shape and then fold the two corners to the middle. Over the two corners that you have just folded, fold the bottom up. The tip should tuck inside.

2nd step: Variation

Over the line, fold up the bottom and then unfold the two corners. Next, fold the tip down, spread the bottom in a triangular shape, and after that, run the glue line.

3rd step: Sealing Process

Diagonally fold the first piece, same as 1st fold, and cut it. Then at the broadest part, fold the tip down. Here we are making mini envelopes so put the glue on the back. On the mini envelope, put the dot of glue, then seal it. Here your envelopes are ready, and you are done. In a few steps, you’ll be able to make envelopes. So, now you are all set to create your envelope. Make it and share it as you can see it is an era of social media.

Uses of making an envelope:

You can use them as greeting cards or invitation cards to invite someone to a party or wedding. It is not too difficult to make an envelope; you need the few available tools at home or buy them from the stores.


Here I will conclude the steps which have been discussed above; whose actions was that? How to make an envelope? First of all, let’s suppose that make a square of paper, then fold it and make corners by following the above steps. After that, use the glue to stick the corners and bind them. Finally, seal it, and your envelope is ready, take it as a greeting card, write down some greetings, and send it to your relatives or loved ones.

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