How to clean brass?

How to clean brass?

As the home’s decor and furnishing are necessary, the maintenance of this stuff is also important. However, maintenance includes the deep cleansing of these things. In the following article, we learn how to clean brass? So please don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it will be very useful for all of you guys.

In our home, most of the racks and decoration pieces are brass. And once the brass got rust or got dirty, it’s not easy to clean it. Moreover, many cleansers or chemicals are now in a market that easily cleans the brass at home. 

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Furthermore, especially the brass used in the kitchen got grease due to cooking moisture, and it gets rigid while pulling the draws or cabinet due to rusting or stinkiness.

Let’s discuss how you can do this at home without any struggle.

Steps to clean brass 

Following are the methods you can follow in cleaning brass at home easily.

1- First of all, make a routine to clean brass daily and properly. If the things are brass plated, you should deal with them accordingly.

2- There are brass cleaners in the market. Just mix it with water and spray on the things made with brass. You can clean it with newspaper as well as with some rough cloth.

3- You can make some liquids at home by adding some ingredients. Mix lemon with baking soda and rub this mixture over brass. If the stains are rigid, you can also keep the solution overnight on the stuff.

4- Add vinegar with salt, and you can apply it to the brass-made thing. Vinegar has the effect of removing away stains or rust from the decoration pieces.

5- There are some dry powders in the market that lessen the effect of the stain on brass. Apply these dry essentials on the decoration pieces and leave them overnight to remove tough and rigid stains.


The beauty of the decoration pieces lies in the shiny and new surface of the thing. If they got rough or started rusting, the remedies and DIY’s mentioned above are the most effective ones, and they can be done at home easily. Those ingredients have bleaching effects which can be helpful to remove old and rigid stains easily. Some artificial brass or brass plated things get ruined after applying these stains, drawing essentials only because the brass is not real or brass coated. So, be careful while you are purchasing these brass pieces. Above mentioned remedies are very helpful if you are using other methods to maintain them mentioned in the comments below.

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