How to post on Instagram from pc?

How to post on Instagram from pc?

It is a mobile application, and nowadays, it is the most popular running app around the world. It allows us to take pictures of ourselves or the other things or scenery we want to capture, then edit and share them with our friends and the world. It is also a good way to interact with our friends, family, and the whole world. It is owned by Facebook, now named Meta, which is another favorite app, but now we can see that Instagram takes the place of Facebook. In the following article, we get to know about How to post on Instagram from pc? So please don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it will be very useful for all of you guys.

From a local man to a celebrity or even your favorite athlete, almost everyone does have an Instagram account. It is a good way to interact with their loving fans worldwide. We can take the example from one famous athlete worldwide named Cristiano Ronaldo, with around 374 million followers on Instagram. Instagram reels is a popular video feature.

How to post on Instagram from pc?

It is a free app. It is easy to use and a good source of entertainment. It’s also very simple to make an account on Instagram. You have to put specific information like your name and number or enter your email. You can also connect it with your Facebook account if you already have any. 

Nowadays, it’s not just a sharing app; it has become a business app and entertainment. People do many types of business by posting the specific things they want to sell. Posting your picture is very simple. By posting means sharing the captured image with others. You can post it publicly and privately also. It depends on whom we want to share our post with. Mostly there is a mobile user, but some people also use it on a PC or from the laptop.

How to post on Instagram from a PC?

  1. First, open Google Chrome on your PC. You can also open it in any preferred browser you have on your PC.
  2. Open Instagram and log in to your Instagram account.  
  3. When the app finally opens, click the “+” button given there.
  4. We have two options: post it from the selected pics from your computer folders or capture it now.

  1. You want to post it from the pictures chosen you already take and save it on your computer. Then click the folder and select the photo or video you want to post.
  2. When you click the selected picture or video, it directly opens it on Instagram.
  3. You can adjust the pic by cropping or editing if you want to do so.
  4. When you make some necessary adjustments, you can also add a caption to your picture. It gives charm to your photo and video. You can use the #hashtag also before mentioning anything. It helps you grow fast, and it’s easy to search using your hashtag.
  5. You can also tag your friends or any person. Click upload for public or for private, and it uploaded successfully.

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