Can Cats Eat Raw Meat

Can Cats Eat Raw Meat

We often see roadside cats eat raw meat like it is their daily routine. As we hardly see any side effects, we wonder: can cats eat raw meat?

So far, we know cats should avoid raw meat. But there is nothing wrong if they consume it in a small or moderate quantity. Cats can cope with a little bacteria present in raw meats. Besides, they should eat specific raw meats, like chicken, beef, lamb, and duck. Raw meats like pork and fish can be harmful to cats.

There are some advantages and side effects to eating raw meat for cats. Let’s know about them here.

Can Cats Eat Raw Meat?

Cats can eat raw meat in moderate quantities. Well, it can sometimes cause food poisoning if taken more than necessary. If you ever see your cat eating raw meat, make sure she eats a small portion of it.

Benefits Of Eating Raw Meat For Cats

Raw meat has unprocessed and natural ingredients. Hence, cats can get an adequate amount of nutrients from it. Although they lack carbohydrates, they ensure a sustaining life for cats by providing protein and amino acids.

Feeding raw meat to your cat can give you many benefits. Such as:

  • Boosting the water intake in the body.
  • Improving the health of coats and skin
  • Making bones and joints stronger
  • Better digestion.
  • Improving oral health

Side Effects Of Eating Raw Meat For Cats

There are bacteria and parasites present in raw meat. They can get into the cat’s body when he eats the raw meat. As a result, she can go through a food-borne illness. Also, most raw meats are contaminated, which can create digestive issues in cats.

Can Cats Eat Raw Meat

Raw meats can’t provide as many nutrients as cooked meats. If you constantly feed raw meat to your cat, she will lack nutrients. Moreover, small bone pieces in raw meat can lodge in your cat’s digestive tract and cause internal damage.

When Can Cats Eat Raw Meat?

Although raw meat is safe for cats to eat, that doesn’t mean all cats can have it. Experts say a cat should only consume meat when she turns 20 weeks of age or older. Some cats may have a bad history of health. In such times, veterinarians prohibit feeding cats raw meat.

We, common cat owners, may not know if raw meat is safe for cats every time. In that case, we have to consult with our vet first. If they approve, we are good to go with feeding our cats some tempting raw meat.

Which Raw Meat Can You Feed Your Cats?

Cats can eat raw chicken, salmon, duck, lamb, and venison.


Most commonly, cats eat raw chicken as they like it. It contains phosphorus, niacin, selenium, protein, and vitamins B6 and B12. It also helps in repairing tissue and maintaining muscles. If you want to regulate your feline friend’s homocysteine levels, raw chicken would be a good food to feed her.


Salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. It does a great job of keeping the cat’s skin and coat healthy.

If your cat is struggling with her poor immune system, feed her raw salmon often, as it contains essential nutrients. Such as vitamin B, potassium, niacin, etc.


Another alternative to offering protein to your cat is raw duck meat. Besides, it has iron, zinc, and vitamin B.


Lamb meat is a good source of heme iron. Your cat can get healthy fats by consuming them. For a healthy neurological system and brain growth.

What Cats Can’t Eat Raw?

Cats can eat the mentioned raw meats. However, some raw meats are not good for cats to eat, even in small quantities. Such as raw pork, raw fish, and raw bacon.

Can Cats Eat Raw Meat

Raw pork and raw fish contain more bacteria and parasites than raw chicken and beef. Taking them in small amounts can pose the risk of food poisoning. Raw bacon is not toxic but contains the same level of bacteria and parasites as raw pork. So it is better to avoid it for cats.

Frequently Asked Questions: Can Cats Eat Raw Meat?

Can you feed raw meat to kittens?

Kittens’ digestive systems are delicate, so their diet should be balanced and healthy. If your kitten is less than 20 weeks old, you must feed her commercial cat foods, not raw meats. The pathogens in raw meat can have adverse effects on kittens as their immune systems are not strong.

What do cats like—raw or cooked meat?

Not all cats have the same taste buds. Some cats prefer raw meats, and some prefer cooked meats. However, if you feed your cat cooked meat frequently, she will get used to it and like the cooked meat more.

Can cats eat raw eggs?

It is not safe to allow cats to eat raw eggs. They may come into contact with Salmonella after eating raw eggs. So give your cat a boiled or poached egg.

What happens if a cat eats too much raw meat?

Eating raw meat more than necessary can lead to food poisoning for cats. Also, the enzyme in raw meat destroys the essential nutrients present in cats’ bodies.

Final Thoughts

If you ever wonder if can cats eat raw meat, the answer is yes, but in a small quantity. Also, make sure your cat eats chicken, beef, lamb, duck or salmon. If she eats pork or fish, she can have stomach issues and other digestive problems. The same can occur when cats eat too much raw chicken, beef, or other permissible meats.

Whenever you see your cat eating a lot of raw meat, pork, or fish, take her to your vet immediately. He may prescribe you some medicines. It would be much better if your cat vomited so that he could discharge the excess amount of raw meat .