Can Cats Eat Oatmeal

Can Cats Eat Oatmeal

Health-conscious people rely on oatmeal. Thanks to its essential nutrients, like calcium, iron, vitamin B6, etc. We cat owners may think, can cats eat oatmeal as it is a source of building a healthy body?

Well, oatmeal is as good for cats as it is for humans. The only difference is the quantity. Cats can’t have the same amount of oatmeal as we eat. If we eat a bowl of oatmeal, cats must eat 1 spoon of oatmeal, only then cats can get the nutrients. Or else, they may suffer digestive issues.

There is more to know about the benefits of oatmeal for cats and how you can feed it to them.

What Is Oatmeal?

Oatmeal, also known as oats preparation, is flattened and steamed oat grains. It is gluten-free and has essential nutrients, like fibre, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and so on.

For most people, oatmeal is a boon for breakfast as it contains high protein and soluble fibre. Whether it is about increasing the growth of necessary bacteria in the body or reducing blood glucose, oatmeal can serve numerous benefits to our body.

Can Cats Eat Oatmeal?

Serving oatmeal to cats occasionally can be beneficial for their health. Cats fall in the group of obligate carnivores. That’s why you can’t feed them oatmeal regularly. To ensure better results after letting your cat eat the prepared oats, cook them first. It is because oatmeal contains a little caveat which can be hard for cats to digest. Meanwhile cooking the oatmeal will make it simpler for cats to digest it.

Can Cats Eat Oatmeal

Cats are lactose-intolerant, so you can’t feed them oatmeal like we do by mixing oat grains with milk. You have to serve the oatmeal to cats after mixing them with water. Since they don’t have adequate enzymes in their body, they can’t digest milk easily.

Benefits Of Eating Oatmeal For Cats

People who are concerned about their health include oatmeal in their diet, especially at breakfast. As it is rich in protein, fibre, vitamin B, vitamin E, zinc, etc. human beings can have immense benefits from oatmeal. Luckily, cats can also have the goodness of these nutrients from oatmeal.

The fats in oatmeal comprise amino acids and linoleic acids that can keep your cat’s hair and skin healthy. Besides, its high protein, calcium, and antioxidants maintain the growth and overall health of our furry friends. Most importantly, its high-fibre content can help cats with constipation.

Note that your cat can have benefits from eating oatmeal if she takes it in a required amount.

How To Feed Oatmeal To Cats?

To feed oatmeal to your cat, you have to either cook it with water or soak it overnight with water. After the oatmeal is ready, don’t serve her the entire bowl like we eat. Give her a small amount of the oatmeal, i.e., one to two tablespoons. Also, make sure you don’t add any toppings to the oatmeal, like nuts, cinnamon, sugar, etc.

How Much Oatmeal Can Cats Eat?

Oatmeal is not necessary for cats, they can go well without it. However, if you serve a definite amount of oatmeal to them, it won’t bring any side effects. The perfect amount of oatmeal served to a cat should be 5-10% of her calorie intake.

Cat owners should not replace their cats’ food with oatmeal. It should be a part of the cats’ meal, not a cat’s meal.

Some other factors will depend on the amount of oatmeal served to your cat. For instance, if your cat is large enough, aged, has a healthy weight, and has ample activity level, she has 10% oatmeal of her calorie intake. On the other hand, if your cat is a small breed, less than 8 weeks, and has less weight, she shall have 5% oatmeal of her calorie intake.

When Can Cats Eat Oatmeal?

If your feline friend eats a bowl of oatmeal, she will go through digestive and stomach issues, such as vomiting and diarrhoea. That’s why it is important to know about the right time to feed oatmeal to cats.

Can Cats Eat Oatmeal

For example, your cat is already suffering from health issues, in that case, they should avoid oatmeal. Again, let’s say you served a moderate amount of oatmeal to your cat today, try not to serve her the same meal for the next 24 hours. Since cats do not have the same digestive system as humans, they can’t eat oatmeal every day.

Frequently Asked Questions: Can Cats Eat Oatmeal?

What can oatmeal do to cats?

Oatmeal is rich in protein antioxidants, calcium, fatty acids, fibre, etc. These nutrients can help cats have a better immune system and good growth. Again, its fatty acids ensure the nice skin and fur of cats and other pets.

Is oatmeal with bananas good for cats?

Both oatmeal and bananas are good for cats in small amounts. For instance, you can’t serve two slices of banana with one tablespoon of oatmeal to your cat. If you see your cat can’t tolerate it, it is better to skip the meal.

Which is better for cats, rice or oatmeal?

Both rice and oats are good for cats if given in a moderate quantity. However, whole grains are better options for cats compared to. They include barley, oats, etc.

Final Thoughts

Since the serving of oatmeal is limited for carnivores, you may still contemplate, can cats eat oatmeal? The answer is yes. Cats can eat oatmeal, but not more than two tablespoons.

If your cat accidentally eats oatmeal more than required, she may have stomach pain, vomiting, diarrhoea, etc. In such cases, you have to call your vet first and make him certain about it. Also, let your cat discharge everything he ate. Then you can treat her with the medicines that your vet will prescribe.

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