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How long grill chicken breast?

Chicken, especially the breast, is very lean and therefore dries out quickly when cooked. Chicken parts such as legs or wings, on the other hand, are often distorted and do not lie flat on the grill – they burn quickly on the outside but are often not cooked on the inside. With our tips, the white meat is now a big highlight from the grill! In this article, we read about How long grill chicken breast?

Grill the chicken breast properly.

To grill delicious chicken fillets, you should make sure that the meat is the same thickness everywhere. If necessary, halve and plate the chicken breast again. Then we recommend marinating the meat, so it dries out less quickly and tastes lovely! After you’ve grilled the meat on both sides, you should put it on the edge of the wire rack. This means it can continue to cook indirectly on low heat for at least 10 minutes without becoming dry. The chicken breast is done when the thickest part of the meat no longer gives way to finger pressure. To be on the safe side, you can cut open the fillet because poultry should always be cooked through.

Grilling chicken pieces – that’s the right way to do it

It would help if you also marinated chicken wings, drumsticks, and other chicken pieces before grilling. This not only ensures a delicious aroma, but the marinade with oil also prevents the chicken from sticking to the grate so quickly. If you are using a dry marinade, also called a rub, you can coat the grate with oil as a precaution.

You grill the pieces of meat over low to medium heat for 15-25 minutes, turning them frequently. Juicy, spicy, and particularly crispy – that’s how we like to grill our chicken pieces!

Grill the whole chicken

Yes, you read that right. You can even grill a chicken in the whole grill! The only requirement is a large kettle grill or another grill with a lid that keeps the heat relatively constant.

Our preferred method is the grilled beer chicken. To do this, you’ll need a chicken roaster with a liquid container so that you can grill the whole chicken without it tipping over. For the spice mixture, mix one tablespoon each of smoked paprika powder, cayenne pepper, fennel seeds, coriander seeds, sea ​​salt, brown sugar, as well as one teaspoon cumin, freshly ground pepper, and one chopped red chili. Finely chop everything with the mortar. Rub the ready-to-cook chicken (approx. 1 kg) with it. Fill the chicken roast with beer and place the chicken on top.

The grill preheats to 200 ° C and the chicken with the lid closed for 1 hour at indirect heat, not directly over the flame grill. If, after this time, clear meat juice runs out of the thickest part of the chicken when you pierce it, it is done. Then brush with two teaspoons of barbecue sauce and grill for another 10 minutes until a delicious crust turns the skin into an ultimate treat.

Can you grill chicken on a beer can?

For the beer can chicken or beer butt chicken, you will find numerous recipes and enthusiastic testimonials on the Internet. Even so, we advise against the method of placing the whole chicken on an open beer can and grilling it.

Because the Federal Institute for Risk Research already established in 2014 that ” the heat when grilling and roasting removes harmful substances from the printed outside and the coated inside of the beer can, which pass into the chicken meat,” It is easier and safer to flavor your grilled chicken on a roast chicken filled with beer.

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