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how long do hard boiled eggs last

How long do hard-boiled eggs last. Who knows why we’ve always had the impression that a hard-boiled egg can be eternal, but the truth is that …

hard-boiled egg: How long do hard-boiled eggs last

The hard-boiled egg is divisive. Either you love it a lot, or you hate it. Some love only red, and those who love red eat only white because they are afraid of cholesterol. Curious legends circulate about egg white, for example, an elixir of youth if eaten consistently. How many things are there to say about the hard-boiled egg that we hadn’t thought of? A certainty is that a basket of hard-boiled eggs can save you a meal, a sandwich, a rice salad with little ( along with the tuna perhaps ), but that of the hard-boiled egg is pure modesty, considering how nutritious it is and valuable. Yet now and then, that egg advances – especially at Easter, when we boil it as if there was no tomorrow – and we find ourselves wondering: how long does a boiled egg in the fridge last?

The answer 

As usual, the answer is: it depends. As we know, fresh raw eggs can easily stay out of the fridge. We put them there only because there is no risk of breaking them, and then there is the unique egg holder that must not go to waste. And to understand when they can no longer be eaten, there are methods to know if they have gone wrong without breaking them.

But when an egg is cooked, things are a bit different. There are no tricks to figure it out. The protection of the shell is no longer so adequate because boiling it has lost calcium. Then if we have also deprived them of the body, even better. We don’t even ask ourselves how hard-boiled eggs can fit out of the fridge because the answer is “little.” Better eat them then. But if we need to keep them for a while, not too long, by keeping them in the fridge. Both with and without the shell, they can remain edible even for a week. A trick not to mistaken: write on the outside with a pencil – not with a felt-tip pen. Which penetrates the shell – the date of the day they boil. So easy we wouldn’t have thought about it.
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