Cole Bennett Net Worth: How Much Money Does The Singer Possess In 2023?

Cole Bennett Net Worth

Everywhere you look nowadays, you’ll see people on the path to fame. it does take a lot to get famous, but once you’re there, the road only goes up. Cole Bennett would have just been your average American video enthusiast, trying to make it big in a field full of other people who are as equally talented as him. However, Cole has made it big, and many people can’t say that. Cole Bennett is a big name in the music industry, and as we continue talking about him, you’ll know why. He’s big enough in the industry that we are now asking the most important question; What is Cole Bennett’s net worth? How much has he grown over the years that he has been in the industry? And who is he, really? We have an answer to all of these questions below about Cole Bennett net worth and more. So tune in for more information about him, and if you’re a big fan, then this is just for you!

Cole Bennett Net Worth

Who is Cole Bennett?

So, who is Cole Bennett? Born on 14 May 1996, in the deep end of Illinois, Chicago, he went to the local high school. Soon, like many other kids, Cole went to University. DePaul University to be precise. But Cole dropped out soon enough to pursue his career in videography. He felt that videography was his true calling, so he took a chance and followed his dreams, which worked out wonderfully because now he’s worth millions. His own company generates most of the revenue for his net worth, but he also has a lot of side hustles that bring in just enough of an amount to boost his image and his earnings. All in all, Cole Bennett is a multi-talented all-rounder, a force at what he does, and just another person who decided to follow his dreams.

Cole Bennett Net Worth

So, here comes the most important question. What is Cole Bennett’s net worth as of now? Right now, Cole Bennett is worth a whopping $39 million, and counting. This is huge, especially for a guy who is a college dropout and hustled his way into the industry. But when we take a look at the people he has worked with, you’ll not be surprised at this staggering amount that he’s worth. Considering that he’s a videographer and music producer, he has worked with some of the most influential people in the industry and is a true self-made millionaire.

Sources of income 

Cole Bennett’s main source of income is from his YouTube channel Lyrical Lemonade. Apart from that, his collaborations with various hip-hop artists, brand deals, and endorsements are in a pretty good amount. He also earns from his Instagram account, which has over a million followers. He also owns his own clothing brand called Lyrical Clothing, which sells his own personalized merchandise. It includes printed t-shirts, hats, etc. He also acts as a manager to artists new to the music industry. 

Cole Bennett Assets

For a self-made millionaire, Cole Bennett has a lot of assets which is worth a lot in the market as of now. He has five real estate investments, one yacht, and five automobiles for personal use. He also owns stocks at some of the major companies in the world which include Apple, PayPal, Netflix, etc. Among the five cars he owns, three of them are Audi, Jaguar, and a pretty good Volvo.

Cole Bennett Net Worth

Early Life and Education

As we have said before, Cole was born on 14 May 1996 in Plano, Chicago. As for his education, he attended the local high school and went to DePaul University. However, he didn’t last there long. He dropped out to follow his passion for videography.

His passion for videography can be traced back to his childhood. In certain interviews, Cole has talked about how his mom gave him a video camera in high school, and Cole properly started making videos since then. His mom was supportive throughout his journey. She encouraged his passions and believed in his visions. Since the early days, Cole knew he wanted to be in the rap industry and link with rappers. He wanted to work in the hip-hop scene and he definitely got his wish. He had worked with some of the most well-known faces in the hip-hop music scene, and we’ll talk about them soon enough.


It all starts in 2013 for Cole Bennett, with his video camera given by his mother, and Lyrical Lemonade, his brainchild, which was also named by his mother. What used to be a kid’s internet blog back a decade ago, now stands to be a million-dollar company headed by the same kid who founded it. He used his channel to give recognition to the underground hip-hop artists in Chicago who were looking for a platform to showcase their talent.

As the channel Lyrical Lemonade grew, it started gaining attention from all of the big names in the industry, especially famous rappers. Cole Bennett has created music videos for several artists, the most influential being Juice Wrld, Lil Pump, Justin Bieber, Ski Mask The Slump God, Lil Xan, and many more. He has worked with them on their music videos, and his creative vision led to the videos amassing millions of views and likes. His work received recognition throughout the world. His most recognized work is with Juice Wrld. He directed the music video for Lucid Dreams, which has over 500 million views on YouTube. Cole also spoke out after Juice Wrld’s death.

Cole Bennett’s style is immensely distinctive and recognizable. His image and his creative direction are one of the best in the industry and are sought after by most of the artists in the industry. His strength lies in the ability to capture the true essence of the artists’ music and translate it into something which is visually appealing to everyone. Moreover, the multi-dimensional nature of shooting his music videos also makes his work highly appealing. This essentially makes him stand out among a crowd of directors.

We know that Lyrical Lemonade focuses mostly on the expansion of musical talents. Cole’s love for hip-hop music has transpired the channel into something which brings together the major up-and-coming artists under a singular creative direction. Apart from focusing on music, Cole has collaborated with big brand names like Puma, Spotify, and even Sprite. He has also arranged his own music festival, with an impressive lineup of artists.

Awards and Accolades

We can’t help but deny that Cole Bennett has contributed a lot to the industry. His creative vision and the work ethic that he brings have brought many artists to the forefront of the industry. The hip-hop industry in particular has benefited a lot from Cole’s work.

He has been awarded for his work as well. In 2019’s VMA, he won the best visual effects award for his work with Eminem and Logic on the Homicide music video. That music video received critical acclaim as well.

Cole also earns a lot from his Instagram. Currently, he has 3.7 million followers on Instagram. His fan base is very dedicated to the appreciation of his craft, and he posts dedicatedly. He also earns from Instagram promotions and brand deals. Overall, he has a strong Instagram presence and uses that to promote his company Lyrical Lemonade.

Cole Bennett Appearance

Cole Bennett is 185cm tall. He has shaggy, dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, and an overall calm temperament. Moreover, he usually dresses casually for his work every day, with jeans and a t-shirt/sweatshirt being his staple. He also focuses a lot on his shoes. In his Instagram, he’s mostly seen wearing open-toed sandals with socks.

Cole Bennett Relationships

Cole Bennett has not been that public about his relationships. He has publically dated two people; Lana Marie and Sommer Ray. Sommer Ray and Cole’s relationship attracted the most attention because they dated soon after Sommer Ray split from rapper MGK.

Cole Bennett Net Worth

FAQ Section

Why is Cole Bennett famous?

Cole Bennett is famous because he’s a videographer, music director and film makes, plus also a self-made millionaire.

What is the current net worth of Cole Bennett

the current net worth of Cole Bennett is $39 million.

What age is Cole Bennett

Cole Bennett is currently 24 years old.

Conclusive Insights

So, we have come to the end of this blog. I hope that you found this informative. Cole Bennett might have been the mind behind many of your favorite music videos. However, if you have been following him for a long time, then we hope that you learned something new about him.