How to Make a Bag Out of Wrapping Paper – A Step-by-Step Guide

how to make a bag out of wrapping paper

Buying gifts can be a challenge in itself; however, wrapping them is another thing that worries us. Once you have settled on purchasing the gift, you need to find out how to wrap it in the best way possible. One thing that people are adopting nowadays is to give the gift in a beautiful paper bag instead of wrapping it in a clumsy shape. 

The best way of utilizing your old wrapping paper is to make a beautiful bag out of it and use it further. This is the best way of recycling and reusing them for a different purpose. Well, there are different do-it-yourself ideas or, in today’s language – DIY ideas to create a bag out of wrapping paper. So, in case you are wondering how to make a bag out of wrapping paper, then here’s a simple guide to creating a bag from an old wrapping paper or a new one. Let’s start with a step-by-step process.

How to make a bag out of wrapping paper: the things you need

To create a bag out of wrapping paper, you need the following things:

  • Wrapping paper (old or new)
  • Satin ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Ruler (in place of it, you can also use anything to measure a straight line)

That’s it! So, it’s quite clear that you don’t need a lot of things to create a paper bag. Moreover, if we compare the raw material cost of making a bag to purchasing a bag from the market, there’s a huge difference as well.

Create a bag from wrapping paper: the instructions to follow

In this section, we’ll discuss the steps or instructions following which you can easily create a bag from wrapping paper.

Step 1- Measure, fold, and prepare the paper

Firstly, take the wrapping paper that you want to use. The first thing to note is the size of the paper because depending on that your bag’s size will depend. When you start to measure and fold the paper, you need to leave a few inches on both sides of the paper and the fold. For instance, if you are using a paper of 9×6 inches, then leave 1 to 2 cm extra on longer sides and fold the remaining portion into half. 

Step 2: Glue it together

Now, on the sides where you left a 1-2cm portion, apply glue on them and fold them towards the inside to secure the bag. 

Step 3: Fold to shift sides

Once your bag is secured, fold any open ends of the paper to 2 inches up. Whichever end you fold will be the bottom of your bag.

Step 4: Form the corners at the bottom

Once you have the bottom side of your bag, open the corners to form triangles on the sides and 2 flaps as well.

Step 5: Fold the flap

Now, you need to fold the top flap of the bottom side in half. While folding, ensure to align it with the middle crease of the bottom. 

Step 6: Finalize the bottom

In the same manner as step 5, fold the other flap in half. Now, overlap this folded flap with the earlier one. Glue all these flaps on the sides to finalize the bottom by securing it. 

Step 7: Work on the sides

On the bottom part of the bag, there will be 2 square shape papers. Consider these squares as the top and bottom corners guidelines. Keeping these guidelines in mind, fold the sides along the lines and create creases as well. To create a perfect crease, you can take help from a ruler as well. 

Step 8: Unfold the sides

Now, you must unfold the sides and blow air on the open end to open the bag. Doing so will unfold the bottom and side folds done in steps 6 and 7. 

Step 9: Fold and Crease

Towards the end, you need to fold the middle and outer crease quite neatly at both sides of the bag. 

Step 10: Start the work on the handles

To make the handles of the bag, take 2 satin ribbon pieces in a size long enough for the bag and 4 paper pieces in a small size. 

Step 11: Attach both the handles

Take the pieces of ribbon and apply glue on the open end of the ribbon. Attach them to the bag right in the middle and inside of the bag. To secure these ribbons, put square pieces of paper on top of the glued ribbon.

How to decorate a bag made from wrapping paper?

Now that you know how to make a bag out of wrapping paper, let’s take a look at some ideas to decorate it. 

To decorate the wrapping paper, you can take certain ribbons, stickers, or gems that go perfectly with the pattern of the wrapping paper. You can also use washi tape, gift tags, photos, or sticky notes to write some heartfelt message for the person.  

Some tips to consider

Following are some tips or best practices to consider while creating a bag:

  • When you fold any side of the paper, ensure it is neat. You can also use a ruler or anything straight to fold the paper neatly. 
  • Create good creases, as this will ensure that the shape of your bag is fine and sharp. 
  • If you feel like the bag’s length is big, you can cut it short after creating it. But do not shorten the length in between. 
  • Take a paper that is not too light or heavy to create neat creases and folds. 

Wrap up!

It’s best to recycle and reuse papers at your home, and the best way to use wrapping papers is to convert them into bags and use them to gift to anyone. Here, we discussed the simple ways of creating bags using wrapping papers and certain tips to decorate the same. So, now reuse whatever wrapping paper is left at your home and use this DIY idea to create beautiful bags.  

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Q1: Can I use any type of wrapping paper to make a bag?

Ans: Yes, you can use various types of wrapping paper such as gift wrap, patterned paper, or even brown kraft paper. Just make sure the paper is sturdy enough to hold the weight of your belongings.

Q2: What other materials do I need besides wrapping paper?

Ans: In addition to wrapping paper, you will need scissors, adhesive (such as glue or tape), a ruler or measuring tape, and optionally, ribbon or handles for carrying the bag.

Q3: Do I need any special crafting skills to make a bag out of wrapping paper?

Ans: Not at all! This project is beginner-friendly and requires basic cutting and folding techniques. The step-by-step instructions will guide you through the process, making it accessible to crafters of all skill levels.

Q4: Can I customise the size and design of the bag?

Ans: Absolutely! One of the perks of making a bag out of wrapping paper is the freedom to customise it according to your preferences. You can adjust the dimensions of the paper to create a smaller or larger bag, and you can also embellish it with decorations or personal touches.

Q5: How durable are bags made from wrapping paper?

Ans: While bags made from wrapping paper are not as sturdy as those made from traditional fabric or leather, they can still be quite durable for light to moderate use. To enhance their durability, reinforce the edges with tape or glue, and avoid overloading the bag with heavy items.