Nicky Hilton Net Worth, Early Life, Career

Nicky Hilton Net Worth

Even though Nicky Hiton didn’t appear on TV much, she is still in the public’s image. Her success as a fashion designer and a model has helped her earn millions. So you must be wondering, What is Nicky Hilton net worth?

Well, this famous fashion designer and model has a net worth of $100 million. She gets around $4 million monthly and $10 million yearly. Besides, she has her house, penthouse, and cars. Hilton’s involvement with charitable organisations also contributes to her net worth.

Let’s discover more about Nicky Hilton’s wealth.

Who Is Nicky Hilton?

Micky Hilton’s real name is Nicholai Olivia Rothschild, and her nickname is Nicky. She is a fashion designer, socialite, model, and businessperson. She has been a famous personality since she was born in the Hilton family.

Nicky Hilton Net Worth

People know Nicky as a successful businesswoman, a fashion designer, and a philanthropist. She believes in charity and has worked with many charitable organisations.

What Is Nicky Hilton Net Worth?

Nicky Hilton’s net worth is $100 million. She has stepped into her career from her college life. After a lot of work, she has achieved a growing net worth. If you see, Nicky’s net worth was $70 million in 2020; in 2021, it became $80 million; then, in 2022, her net worth reached $90 million; and now it is $100 million. Hopefully, her fans will see a higher net worth of her in the upcoming year.

Sources Of Nicky Hilton Net Worth

Nicky Hilton made most of her net worth from her earnings as a fashion designer and businesswoman. She earns around $40 million annually and $3.5 million monthly. As a model, Hiton earned around $10 million. Again, her business venture paid her millions of dollars.

Apart from earnings, Nicky’s real estate assets and car play a crucial role in her net worth. She has a penthouse in New York that is worth $1.4 million and a Rolls-Royce that costs $400,000.

Early Life

Nicky Hilton was born on October 5, 1983, in New York City. Her father, Kathy Hilton, was a realtor, and her mother, Kathy Hilton, was an actress. Hilton has two brothers, they are Conrad Hilton III and Barron Hilton II, and one sister, Paris Hilton.

Nicky was raised in Los Angeles as a Catholic. Her ancestry is Scottish, Irish, Norwegian, English, and German. Convent of the Sacred Heart. She went to an all-girls school, Convent of the Sacred Heart. Then she joined the Fashion Institute of Technology. Later on, she wanted to do courses in arts and design, so she joined Parsons The New School for Design. But Nicky didn’t earn a degree because of leaving education.


After three years of graduating from school, Nicky launched her clothing line. She designed handbags for Samantha Thavasa, a Japanese company. Her second line was Nicholai, which she launched in 2007. Its fashion show was held in the spring/summer 2008 season.

In 2014, Nicky partnered with eLuxe for a 10-piece collection. She used to design pieces of jewellery too. Her first launch of a jewellery line was in 2010. Each piece of jewellery was around $200 million.

Then, Nicky collaborated with Linea Pelle to launch a capsule wardrobe. Again, she collaborated with Tolani to launch the Mommy and Me capsule wardrobe in 2018. After one year, she again collaborated with Tolani to launch her collections based on travel. In 2019, Hilton collaborated with French Sole to launch footwear.

Along with fashion designing, Nicky was a modelling face. She worked for the Antz Pantz, i.e., an Australian underwear line. Kimberly Stewart was also a model for that line. Later on, Megan Maitland took Hiton’s place, and Kimberly was still in that position. Then Nicky modelled for Lucire’s Romanian and New Zealand editions.

Nicky was involved with business ventures too. In 2006, she opened two Nicky O Hotels in Miami and Chicago. This venture was under a partnership. Hilton sued her business partner for damages and sought reimbursement for it. Then, in 2007, Hilton’s partners sued her in the case of breach of trust.

Later on, Nicky found joy in writing books. Her first publication was 365 Style in 2014. HarperCollins was its subsidiary.

In 2015, Hilton joined the cosmetic line. She partnered with Smashbox, by Estée Lauder Companies. Her creation on the cosmetic line was cat-inspired makeup kits with three limited editions.

Personal Life

Nicky Hilton married Todd Meister in 2004. He is Nicky’s childhood friend and is now a successful businessman. Their marriage was annulled within three months. They both explained that they married on a whim, there was no seriousness in their decision.

Nicky Hilton Net Worth

In 2011, Nicky dated James Rothschild, a financier. They both engaged in 2014. After one year, they married in The Orangery. Hilton’s sister, Paris, was her maid of honour when she was getting married. At that time, Nicky was wearing a Valentino Haute Couture gown that was worth $77000.

Now Nicky and James have two daughters and one son and they all live together.

Frequently Asked Questions On Nicky Hilton Net Worth

How old is Nicky Hilton?

Nicky Hilton was born in 1983. So now, in 2023, she will be 40 years old.

What is Nicky Hilton’s height?

Hilton’s height is 5 feet, 7 inches.

What is Nicky Hilton’s nationality?

Hilton belongs to the United States of America.

In what organisations did Nicky Hilton work as a philanthropist?

Nicky worked in several charitable organisations. Such as Make-a-wish Foundation, Starlight Children’s Foundation, and Race to Erase MS

Final Thoughts

Nicky Hilton has earned recognition as a model and fashion designer. Perhaps she appeared less in the TV industry, but her work is worth the public’s discussion. Now, Nicky Hilton net worth is $100 million.