6 Amazing Things That 3D Printing Is Being Used For Today


Six Remarkable Ways 3D Printing Is Being Used In 2022 

3D printing has proven itself over the years to be one of the greatest new innovations of our modern era, and those who invested early have greatly benefited. With its ability to customise and create almost anything, industries all over the world, as well as millions of people at home, now use it for a variety of interesting purposes.

  1. Customised Manufacture

The most generally well-known and common use, as mentioned, is the ability of 3D printers to custom manufacture basically anything that a designer can come up with. Many businesses and industries, old and new, are now relying on 3D printers to make unique products, or parts for them. These can range greatly, from finely detailed models and statuettes to, to useful gadgets and tools, and much more. They can now also be printed using a wider range of materials than ever before.

  1. Food

Amazingly, like something out of a sci-fi movie, even food can now be printed. Chocolate has become a popular choice of material, opening up a whole new world of possibility for chocolatiers. Other materials now available for printing food include cookie and pizza dough, ice cream, and even hamburger meat. Some small food businesses are even experimenting with 3d printing to efficiently mass produce their edibles for people to snack on while on the run or playing at a live casino online, as it generally takes less time than traditional cooking.

  1. Music & Instruments

In 2014, the world’s first concert played entirely with 3D printed instruments, was held at Lund University in Sweden. These days, and ever-growing variety of instruments can be 3D printed. This includes violins, guitars, drums, flutes, keyboards, and much more.

  1. Clothing

Fabrics are another useful material that 3D printers can now use. Innovators in the fashion industry are now using 3D printers to print amazing new dress designs. Shoe giant, Nike, has also begun manufacturing its first 3D printed line of shoes.

  1. Housing

One of the most exciting and practical uses for 3D printing is in creating fully functional, energy efficient, homes for people to live in. A number of businesses and initiatives around the world are competing to design the most affordable and practical printed homes for mass production. Though they may not look like the sort of homes people are generally used to, their benefits are huge. This is also expected to become a vital tool for future space exploration, such as creating the first human-occupied bases on Mars or the Moon.

  1. Body Parts

One of the most unusual, and potentially valuable, uses of 3D printing, has been found by the medical industry. Not only can 3D printing produce better prosthetics than ever before but it can even print actual body parts. From bone structures to organ tissue, to whole organs, like ears and noses. Researchers at Northwestern University in the US where even able to successfully print healthy ovaries that enabled infertile mice to have babies.

As we head into a future of technological marvel, who knows what they will be printing in a few years time. It’s pretty safe to say though, that 3d printing is set to revolutionise everything.