Tech You Need To Make Your Virtual Presentations Successful


Ever wanted to turn your big virtual presentation into an animated short? Or perhaps add some illustrations, graphics, or engagement tools? Or maybe you just want to turn yourself into a potato on Zoom! It’s all possible in the virtual world these days — even the potato. 

In this article, we have a look at all the best apps, tech and add-ons that can assist you with taking your next virtual presentation, or Zoom meeting, to the next level!

What Are Zoom Apps?

Zoom Apps are in-product integrations that allow you to bring your favourite apps right into your Zoom Meetings. You will be able enrich your Zoom presentation with apps for whiteboarding, note-taking, project management as well as games.

We know that video meetings have become a massive part of how you remain connected across your community. Zoom Apps can assist you with making your meetings, lessons, and events more effective, engaging and fun!

If you would like to turn your presentation into a real hands-on learning experience, Classkick App for Zoom is definitely for you!

Classkick allows your whole group to collaborate and learn together. It’s as easy as sharing a notebook face to face. As the presenter, you are able to watch every person in the group follow your presentation in Classkick at the same time. 

Also give individual or group commentary and encourage participation with pens, highlighters, voice recordings, image uploads and digital stickers. You are able to use auto-graded multiple-choice and fill-in-the-blank questions or utilise text box Q&A prompts for more profound discussion.

Another great Zoom app is Prezi video.

Design professional, branded presentations over Zoom which engage and inspire your audience. Prezi Video shows you and your content together on screen so meeting participants are able to enjoy a more personal and collaborative presentation. You can even share socially and allow other people to watch you play keno online real money or streaming games in real time. 

Here are some other pieces of tech that can help.

Meeting Owl Pro 360º Camera

The Meeting Owl Pro 360º Camera makes your meetings extremely real. It includes a 360-degree camera, mic as well as a speaker. Just put the device in the centre of your conference table and then start talking; it’ll pick up both video and audio. The owl design will look pretty cool in your office!

Poly Studio P15 Videoconferencing Bar

The Poly Studio P15 Videoconferencing Bar is another one of our favourite must-have Zoom meeting gadgets. This camera actually assist you with looking your best, thanks to its high-end optics together with its automatic camera framing. This means that the focus will always stay on you, even if you get up and move around the room. In addition the acoustics give your voice that professional quality which everyone wants to hear.

Poly Studio 21 Personal Meeting Monitor

The Poly Studio 21 Personal Meeting Monitor takes your videoconferences to an entirely new level. This single device will work with any video app and includes everything that you need for an insanely good virtual meeting: a camera, display, microphone, speakers as well as ambient lighting. And, yes, you can count on the ambient light to help you look your best no matter what.