Ron Howard Net Worth: Early Life, Career

Ron Howard Net Worth

We enjoy watching films. The man behind filmmaking is creditable for our enjoyment. When it comes to making films, there’s always a name that raised top to directing and producing films: Ron Howard. Today, we will find out about Ron Howard net worth and how he accumulated much wealth by making films.

Who is Ron Howard?

Ron Howard is an American Filmmaker. He is a director, producer, and screenwriter in films.  “Apollo 13 (1995), Cinderella Man (2005), In the Heart of the Sea (2015), and Thirteen Lives (2022)” are the most popular box office hit films directed by Ron. He also was an actor at an early age. He appears in many 70’s to 80’s films.

Short Bio Of Ron Howard

Full Name Ronald William Howard
Birthdate March 1, 1954
Birthplace Duncan, Oklahoma, U.S..
Nationality American
Height 5’ 9” (1.75 m)
Profession Producer, Director, Screenwriter, Actor
Social Media  Instagram, Twitter
Movies A Beautiful Mind (2001),  Apollo 13 (1995), Cinderella Man (2005), Rush (2013), In the Heart of the Sea (2015) and Thirteen Lives (2022).
Net Worth

$205 million

Early Life

Ron Howard was born in Oklahoma. His mother was an actress. His father was a director and actor. Ron’s father, Rance Howard, has also served for three years in the United States Air Force.  From these, we can say he developed an interest in his profession at home.

Ron graduated from John Burroughs High School. He later attended the School of Cinematic Arts of the University of Southern California. But he did not complete his graduation there.

Ron Howard Net Worth

Ron Howard’s career startup began as a child actor. He first appeared on television in a sitcom named “The DuPont Show with June Allyson” in the “Child Lost” episode in 1959 when he was five years old. From then he custard on many TV shows.

Besides this, Ron also made his first debut in films as a child actor in  The Music Man (1962). Later, when Ron grew up, he started producing and directing films. This allows Ron to gather profits from these films.

Ron Howard Net Worth

It is recognized that Ron Howard net worth in 2023 is to be $205 million. His markable role in childhood in films brings him this financial success. His directing skill made every movie popular, and he got hired by many producers with high payment.

After that, he also started directing and producing films. Ron’s successful films helped him to gather much wealth through the profits from his movies.

Facts Behind Ron Howard Net Worth

Early Roles

From the beginning, he appeared on TV in many roles.  In “The Twilight Zone” series, he gained people’s attention by playing Opie Taylor’s role. From 1960 to 1968, he acted on a TV sitcom named “The Andy Griffith Show.” Later, he also appeared in a music film, “The Music Man” in 1962. Ron also plays a lead role in American Graffiti (1973). All of these successful roles helped him to accumulate much wealth at the early beginning of his career.

Film Career

As Ron Howard gained more popularity from his childhood acting career, he started to act in films as a lead character. Such movies are “Grand Theft Auto in 1977,  “American Graffiti in 1973”, “ Splash in 1984” and many more. All his movies got superhit, and he rose to the top of the fame. Many directors and producers offered to him to act on their films. Thus, he became a film star.

Directing and Production Career

Ron Howard didn’t stop at just acting in films, but also started to make films of his own. “Grand Theft Auto” is a low-budget comedy action film directed by Ron. After it was released in 1977, people started loving it. It became more popular than anyone can imagine. “The comedy The Dilemma (2011)”, as well as the “Robert Langdon film series: The Da Vinci Code (2006)”  are box office hit films with Ron’s direction.

Ron Howard Net Worth

Ron also produced many successful films such as “A Beautiful Mind,” “Rush” and many more. It helps him to accrue more budget and make many films. Profit from his films is massive. These profits have a significant effect on his net worth.

Endorsements and Investments

As Ron Howard’s fame rose, he got the proposal from many brands to collaborate with them. He made several TV commercials to promote those brands. “Gaines Burgers,” “Canon Projects,” and many more. These projects and endorsements add an extra layer to his net worth,

Real Estate Investment

Ron Howard is interested in real estate investments. He bought many properties in different luxurious areas in “Duncan.” Selling these properties brings him a huge amount of profit that adds to his net worth.


Ron Howard has won 39 awards and got nominees 116 times. Some of his recent rime awards are-

  • Board of Governors Award of American Society of Cinematographers.
  • Category of Motion Pictures award: Hollywood Walk of Fame star
  • ‘ Golden Eddie Filmmaker of the Year Award for American Cinema Editors
  • Award for Outstanding Achievement in Directing in Hollywood Film

Personal Life

Ron Howard married on June 7, 1975, with Cheryl Alley. Together they have four children. Three daughters and one son. Two of their daughters are actresses in Hollywood. They are  Bryce Dallas and  Paige Carlyle.



What is the net worth of Ron Howard?

In 2023, it is estimated that Ron Howard owns a total of $205 million as his net worth.

What does Ron Howard do now?

Ron Howard developing himself for documentation films since 2012

How old is Ron Howard today?

Ron Howard is 69 years old now.

Why did Ron Howard quit acting?

Over the years, Ron realized that his passion for acting was overwritten by falling in love with producing and making films. This is why he quit acting.

Final Thoughts

Ron Howard net worth is a result of his perfect choice of career. He made successful attempts in every sector of his profession. Creative ideas, wise decisions, Investing, and directing give him a successful net worth amount.