How to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone?

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With the iPhone X coming to market, many people consider switching from an old iPhone or a completely different phone to a new phone. We don’t blame them because the iPhone X seems to be one of the most advanced and best phones at the moment, and there are many reasons to buy it (except for the incredibly high price). However, one thing you might not consider is How to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone?

Although you may want to change your phone, you don’t want to start from scratch and don’t have any items on your phone. Remembering the exact contents of the last device can be very difficult. Even if you do not plan to buy an iPhone X, for some reason, you may still need to transfer data from one phone to another.

One of the most critical data you want to transfer is contacts. Contact helps to call or text your friends, family, colleagues and everything in between. Also, most of us don’t even know the phone numbers of our best friends, so unless you transfer your contacts to a new device, it may take a while to find all these phone numbers. Fortunately, there are several different ways to transfer contacts and other data from one iPhone to another. And they are all easy to do and shouldn’t take you too much time. Without further ado, here are several ways to transfer contacts from one iPhone to another.

How to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone

Use iCloud to transfer contacts

This may be the easiest and fastest way to transfer contacts from one phone to another. It’s best to do this when you set up a new device and retrieve all your contacts. The first step is to make sure that both phones are logged into the same iCloud account and connected to Wi-Fi. On the old/original iPhone, go to “Settings” and enter your name, then click “iCloud”. After entering the iCloud menu, you need to scroll down to “Contacts” and make sure to turn it on. Next, contact synchronisation must be enabled, and then you need to back up your device by going to iCloud backup and then “Backup Now”.

Then, enter the new iPhone and enter the “Settings” menu to ensure contact synchronisation is also enabled. Go to the “Contacts” app and swipe down to refresh it when you know it is enabled. Within a few minutes, you should see the address book menu start to fill up with the address book from your old iPhone.

Use iTunes backup to transfer contacts

You can use this option if you don’t use iCloud for some reason or if you want to automatically transfer contacts when you start a new device for the first time. Just create a backup for the device, and then use the backup to start it when setting up a new device without starting from scratch. This process is very similar to the process when restoring the device and using the backup.

However, if you are not setting up your phone for the first time, you can also use the iCloud backup to transfer contacts. This method requires you to plug your phone into your computer and then open iTunes. Then, you need to select your phone from the menu bar, click Information, and then make sure that syncing contacts is enabled.

Click Sync to make sure that your iPhone and it contacts have synchronised with the computer. After doing this, you need to unplug the old iPhone and plug in the new iPhone. Select your phone from the menu bar again and make sure that “Sync Contacts” enabled. Then enter the advanced settings and make sure that “Contacts” select under the “Replace information on this iPhone” submenu. This will replace the contacts on the device with the references on the old machine. After clicking Sync, the contacts will transfer!

Share contacts

This is not a practical way to transfer all your contacts. But it is a good idea if you want to move one or two to a friend or another device. Just go to the “Contacts” menu, click the contact you want to send, and then click “Share Contact”. Then choose how you want to share the connection (via message, email, or other means), and then select who you want to send it to. This is an excellent option for transmitting a few contacts to another person, but it is cumbersome and slow for shipping or transferring contacts to another iPhone.

How to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone

Use third-party software to transfer contacts

Suppose these methods do not work for you (or you want to try other ways). You can download many third-party applications or software that can transfer contacts and data for you. These are usually very easy and fast to use. The only problem is that they are generally not free to use. And sometimes you can spend a lot of money to accomplish certain things. And most of these things don’t cost a penny. There are many options available (AnyTrans is one of the most popular options). And each option has its steps to transfer contacts from one iPhone to another.

By using one of these methods. You will be able to transfer contacts and other data from one phone to another quickly and easily. If none of these methods work for you, your phone may have software or hardwareroblee. In this case, you should contact Apple or your battery supplier, hoping they can help you. Although there are worse things than starting from scratch. Transferring data and contacts is a much easier way to make switching to a new iPhone easier.

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