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How to get on the dark web?

sThe Dark Web or Dark Web is a set of encrypted websites that can only be accessed with specific browsers (the same ones used for the encryption process). Some refer to this part of the network as the “forbidden” Internet about some of the content found there. In the following article, we get to know about How to get on the dark web? So don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it’s going to be very useful for you guys.

In this getting started guide, we will answer: Why is it encrypted? How to access it? What is the difference between the Deep Web or the deep Web?

Why “hide” websites by encrypting data?

The concern for privacy on the net is not a new issue. Much of our online activity can be monitored at levels that little we understand to get on the dark web. This is, according to some, the main reason for having created a whole portion of the Web with sites and users that cannot be traced in defense of freedom of expression from anonymity to get on the dark web.

However, the reality is that a good part of the dark Web is dedicated to illicit activities of different levels: from the “harmless” activity of sharing books, movies, songs, or other files protected by copyright to sites that allow contracting services or buy black market products (drugs, weapons, hackers, illegal pornography, and even hitmen). Like any technology, the Dark Web amplifies who we are and what we do as humans without making moral distinctions.

Therefore, due to the duality inherent in the dark Web, you have to be very careful when using it and be clear about the purpose before venturing to browse its contents.

What is the difference between the Invisible Web or the Deep Web?

In a previous article, we talked about the Deep Internet (also called the Deep Web or Invisible Web ), and we said that it should not be confused with the Dark Web or Dark Web. The second, our topic for today is just a portion of that Deep Internet: a section of the Web that stands out from the rest because it cannot be indexed or accessed from the major search engines (such as Google), and that is why it receives the name of Invisible Web.

Thus, the Dark Web is a part of the Invisible Web, since not only is it not indexed by traditional search engines, but it also requires the use of specially designed browsers to access its contents: such as Tor, I2P, or others.

How to access the Dark Web?

To begin with, it is essential to clarify and reiterate several points about the Dark Web:

  • Its existence is based on the principles of privacy, anonymity, and free expression.
  • Some websites can and will contain compassionate information for many audiences: copyright-protected downloads, sale of illegal drugs, illegal pornography, distribution of weapons, hiring hacker services, etc.
  • To maintain the privacy and anonymity of the users and creators of the Dark Web sites, all their content is encrypted.
  • Due to this encoding, it cannot be accessed with traditional browsers. (Such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, or Firefox). But instead requires the use of the same program. On which its encryption process was based (such as Tor or I2P).
  • There are no big search engines to find sites on the Dark Web. Current search engines only index a small part of this website. So specialized directories and listings for certain types of content are recommended.

Step 1: Install the browser to enter the Dark Web

Although we have already mentioned several options. We will concentrate on the most used program to access the Dark Web. Tor.

Enter the official website of the browser

Click on the link/button “Download Tor.”

On the displayed page, you must choose the language and the operating system to get on the dark web. In which the browser will be used (by default. The program in English is downloaded for Windows).

Click on the button/link “Download Tor Browser.”

Run the downloaded file and follow the installation instructions.

Step 2: Make sure you know what you want to find and the risks involved

Having said the type of content that we can find on the Dark Web, it is essential (as in any search) to know what you want to locate to get on the dark web. My recommendation, as an Infotecario, is to focus on sites that include large libraries of digital books -ebooks-. To make it easier, a few key steps to get on the dark web:

1. Every time Tor is launched, you must ensure that you have a secure connection (usually click the “Connect” button in the window that opens when you click the shortcut to the Tor browser to get on the dark web).

2. When the Tor main window opens, the interface will be easily recognized by its similarity to traditional browsers: an address line where you write the URL of the website you want to enter with a search line to its right and buttons access to the main options on the left to get on the dark web.

3. It is essential to confirm that you have the appropriate security level. This is done by clicking the “Security Settings” option available in the main options button to get on the dark web. A small green onion (to the left of the address bar). That constitutes the logo symbol by Tor.

4. If you want to browse high-risk content (such as downloading any file), I recommend using at least the medium-security level.

5. There are security experts who suggest taking additional measures when browsing the Dark Web:

  • Keep your operating system up to date (in the case of any recent version of Microsoft. Windows by regularly using the Windows Update option in the program panel).
  • Have an anti-malware or antivirus program on the computer. Ensuring that it is up to date and automatically reviews all the downloaded files.
  • Put tape over the computer’s camera so that it obstructs any malicious programs that can access it.
  • Disable the microphone from the computer’s audio options.

Step 3: Locate the website with the content you want

To search the dark Web, taking into account that most of the existing search engines for .onion pages (those of the Dark Web-accessible from Tor) are very limited, I recommend following these tips:

Start by using the dark web address listings available on websites like Reddit or These listings (and the search engines) include access to some addresses with illegal or VERY harmful content. It is essential to be very cautious and remember that this guide does not constitute any affiliation with their objectives.

Use specialized search engines on the dark Web such as Ahmia or Onion Link. Using the key terms associated with the content. You want to locate (such as free books or ebooks).

Configure Tor’s search line browser to use the “DuckDuckGoOnion” option by default, as you can see in the images below. Once this is done, said search line can be used to write the desired vital terms there. Then press Enter and locate the appropriate contents directly. It is essential to know what this search engine will find. Content from the Dark Webs and the public WWW (the one we access from traditional search engines).

Step 4: Browse Websites Carefully

When we search on the traditional Web (generally from Google). We must be careful with the contents of the sites we arrive at. It is crucial to do so on the Dark Webs. Some recommendations are:

  • Make sure to carefully read all Tor’s messages when entering Dark Webs websites and choosing the appropriate option. If the content of the message is not understood, I always recommend clicking the option “Do not allow” to get on the dark webs. (Or “Not now” for the English version).

  • So, do not enter emails or personal social networks from the Tor browser. For this, you can continue using traditional browsers. If a subscription is required for a service or download on the Dark Webs. I recommend opening an account with mail service on the same platform (TorBox).
  • Therefore, never fill in forms with personal information of any kind within the pages of the Dark Webs.
  • Never enter banking or financial services sites through third-party pages within the Tor browser or the Dark Webs.

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