How to cook lentils

How to cook lentils

. It is a superfood that appears one after another, and this lentil is also a representative. It’s a dry product, so you don’t have to go to buy it each time. How to cook lentils. Moreover, it is an excellent superfood that is super convenient because it is dry food and does not require a return time.

What are lentils? How to cook lentils

Lentils because the shape resembles a lens? It’s easy to think, but the opposite is true. It seems that the “lens” invented in posterity was named after this bean. In Italy, it is customary to eat lentils on New Year’s Eve with the wish to “get rich” because the shape resembles a coin. Most dried lentils are sold in Japan, but the same is true in France, where many are domestically produced. Working mothers also find it useful as a convenient bean that can be used immediately without flooding.

Types of lentils: How to cook lentils

With skin: How to cook lentils

Tea with skin and green lentils are richer in dietary fiber because they have fur. It’s minimal and thin, so you don’t have to soak it in water, and even when it’s dry, you can eat it just by boiling it for about 15 minutes, so it’s convenient to use immediately when you come up with it. It is also suitable for salads as it does not readily crumble when heated. Of course, it can be cooked for a long time to make it crumble, and it can be eaten deliciously in stewed dishes such as soup with meat and vegetables.

Without skin: How to cook lentils

Red lentils without skin do not require flooding time. It is easy for children and the elderly to eat because it quickly simmers softly. Since it contains many carbohydrates, it can be thickened by boiling it, and it has a bright orange color rather than red. You can also add it to potato salad or douse it with tuna to make a fashionable dish that is slightly different from usual.

  1. Lentil and new onion salad

A simple salad using lentils, which is often served for school lunches in France. You can use ordinary onions instead of fresh onions by exposing them to water to remove the spiciness and draining them well. You can arrange balsamic vinegar, mustard, etc., as you like without using honey.

2. Salmon and lentil salad

It is a recipe that does not require boiling time because it uses canned lentils. It’s delicious to add lentils with olive oil, grain mustard, and salt and pepper, but it will be a little hospitality salad if you add salmon and put it in a bucket like this.

  1. Lentil salad

Just mix boiled lentils and chopped vegetables. Mix with coleslaw dressing or olive oil and salt and pepper lemon juice. We use cucumbers, onions, paprika, and mint as vegetables, but you can use whatever you like.

  1. Chorba Ats

Sherpa Ats is an Egyptian lentil soup. I use red lentils. It can boil immediately since it has no skin, but it mixes with a hand mixer or mixer to make it creamy. Add spices and argan oil at the end for an Egyptian look. If not, olive oil is OK.

  1. Zuppa di Megumi

Zuppa di Regumi is an Italian bean soup made by boiling various dried beans. Beans and vegetables and dried bacon porcini are added, so the natural umami and richness come out. The Italian Mamma style is to boil without using bouillon.

  1. Remake lentil soup

The dried food will swell later, so you’ll need to add more or boil it. I cooked a lot of lentils too much and leftover! There may be something like that. At that time, the next day, I remake the soup. You can enjoy it twice. 

7 . Boiled pork belly with lentils and bones

Boiled soup that seems to warm up to the core of the body. The beans are fluffy and give a sense of volume.

  1. Eggplant, tuna, and lentils boiled in tomato

A dish of lentils stewed in tomatoes, eggplants, and tuna. The combination of ingredients that go well with each other makes it delicious with plenty of umami. The point is to add grated cheese to the finish. It also recommends eating it as a side dish or put it on bread.

  1. Pasta with lentils and tomato sauce

Adding lentils to the usual simple tomato sauce makes a hearty but lighter pasta dish than using meat.

  1. Keema curry with lentils and minced chicken

Keema curry can make in 15 minutes. There is no doubt that you will satisfy with the volume! It is a dish that can use as a main dish with rice or as a snack with beer.

  1. Lentil only curry

It’s a bean-only recipe that doesn’t use any meat, so you can enjoy the feeling of making a full-fledged Indian curry. The taste is mild with milk and vinegar. If you want spiciness, add your favorite spice, such as cayenne pepper.

other popular recipes for lentils: How to cook lentils

  1. Lentil rice: How to cook lentils

When cooked with lentils, the rice becomes chewy. It’s a little Western-style, but it goes well with Japanese food made with soy sauce. Arrange and use sake instead of wine. You may try cooking it with dashi instead of granule soup.

  1. Stewed lentils and sausages

Old-fashioned French classic home-cooked food. In other words, it goes well with wine, but because it uses sausage, it goes well with beer. It’s delicious even on bread.

  1. Boiled lentils in syrup

Like making bean paste from red beans and white beans, lentils can sweeten to make sweets. Moreover, it doesn’t require flooding time, so it’s nice to be able to make it immediately when you want to eat it. You can also put it on yogurt. You can eat it like Mitsumame. It looks delicious even if you mix it with the cream of matcha roll cake. ♪

A little bit of knowledge about lentils

In France, there is a famous production area for green lentils called “Pui.” In the fall of 2017, there was an incident in which the “Puy lentils” were bought up in large quantities. It was England that bought up. When Prince William’s eldest son served a lentil for lunch at school, he liked it so much that it became news and a lentil boom occurred in England. Even in France, lentils serve once a month for school lunch with salads and stewed dishes. It may not be long before it appears in Japanese lunch.
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