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How to boil chicken?

So you can ideally prepare and enjoy steamed food, for example, with a flavored stock or well-prepared vegetables, which taste crisp and intense after cooking. In this article, we read about How to boil chicken?

How to boil chicken

Choose your steamer well to boil chicken.

A large or a small steamer, a pressure cooker, or a sieve insert? If you want to steam cook, there are many devices to choose from. In addition to steam cooking in pots, there is a trend towards steam ovens in which larger quantities of food can be prepared. Before purchasing a device, think about the purposes and how often the device will be used, and how much space is available in the kitchen. To try steam cooking, a pressure cooker is sufficient at the beginning.

Flexible sieve insert 

If you want to try steam cooking without making a significant purchase, it is best to use a sieve insert. There are collapsible metal sieve inserts that fit into pots of different sizes. The food that does not come into contact with the water is placed on the sieve insert.

Start with simple dishes.

Vegetables, potatoes, and fish are best for steaming. A steamed salmon fillet with soy-lemon sauce or redfish with dill butter does not contain many ingredients and is put in the steamer with vegetables. Somewhat more elaborate dishes for steaming are, for example, yeast dumplings, cabbage rolls, and veal fillet.

Prepare ingredients well

Size is essential so that vegetables, fish, and poultry are cooked equally. So it’s best to divide the carrots, broccoli, zucchini, and meat into pieces of equal size. If large amounts of meat are steamed, you can, for example, cut the thicker parts of the fish a few times so that it cooks evenly.

Season sparingly

Steaming retains more of the aroma. For this reason, the ingredients should be spiced sparingly beforehand so that you have more of the food’s taste in the end.

Little aroma helpers to boil chicken

If you want to refine fish, poultry, and vegetables, you can add wine, sherry, herbs, or lemon. For example, pour some white wine into the water or put lemon wedges on the fish fillets. The brew can then be used for sauces.

Pay attention to the amount of water.

When steaming in the saucepan, make sure there is enough water to evaporate during the entire cooking time. There are often recommendations in the recipes. Usually, the water is boiled once, and the heat is reduced to medium temperature. For steamers, there is information on the recommended amounts of water in the operating instructions.

Leave the lid on to boil chicken

To prevent the water vapor from escaping when cooking with the saucepan, keep the lid tightly closed all the time. This allows the water vapor to condense on the pot’s lid and drip onto the food during steaming. So everything stays juicy and tender, and no energy is lost.

Pay attention to the cooking times.

In comparison to boiling in water, cooking in steam takes a little longer. So that the vegetables stay firm to the bite and potatoes don’t get too soft, it is worth trying a few minutes before the end of the cooking time and checking the consistency. And stick to the times in the recipe for sweet dishes, such as tiny cupcakes.

Well protected

In the beginning, one often underestimates the hot temperatures of water vapor. If you work with a pressure cooker, it is best to wear a glove-shaped pot holder so that you are well protected from the rising steam when you open the pot lid.

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