Can Dogs Drink Tea

Can Dogs Drink Tea

Most of us can’t do a day without tea. Some of us are, in fact, addicted to it. While having breakfast or evening snacks, tea is always there. Seeing us enjoying this drink, our dogs beg for a sip from it. That’s why we have the question in our mind, Can dogs drink tea?

Unfortunately, tea is not a safe drink for dogs. By this, we mean the tea that we commonly drink, which has milk, sugar, etc, is not safe for dogs. But if it is about peppermint tea, ginger tea, or any caffeine-free tea, dogs can have them. These types of tea have antibacterial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties. They can offer many health benefits to pets.

Anyway, it is yet to be known why tea is not a safe drink for dogs. So stay tuned.

Can Dogs Drink Tea?

Dogs should not drink tea. Some ingredients can be harmful and toxic to dogs, while tea has all of them. For example, most dogs can’t drink milk because of being lactose-intolerant. Meanwhile, tea has milk, so one reason for not drinking tea for dogs is the milk.

Another reason is the sugar. Vets don’t allow dogs to have sugar, salt, or any flavourful ingredients. It is because they pose health risks to them. Tea leaves, without which tea is always incomplete, are another reason for dogs not to drink tea. This has caffeine, and caffeine is toxic to dogs. Like tea, coffee, and other products with caffeine are toxic to them.

Can Dogs Drink Tea

In short, tea is a no-no for dogs and any other mammals. Always keep water as the first option to offer your paw friend.

Why Can’t Dogs Drink Tea?

The common way to prepare tea includes tea leaves, milk, and sugar. This mixture has caffeine that dogs can’t have. Maybe you are thinking small amounts of tea won’t hurt your dog. Well, no.

Caffeine will be bad for him in every quantity. However, the quantity of caffeine is a deciding factor for the severity of his reactions after consuming it. Eating too much tea can lead to caffeine poisoning. Its symptoms can be restlessness, seizures, tremors, vomiting, increased heart rate, high blood pressure, high body temperature, etc. If the dog eats tea in smaller amounts or in moderation, the symptoms can be less. Such as vomiting, weakness, drooling, constipation, etc.

Along with caffeine, the milk used in tea can pose health risks to dogs. Most dogs are lactose intolerant. In that case, milk can harm them severely. This can make them vomit drool, weak, etc

Another harmful ingredient in tea is sugar. Sugar has lots of fats and does no good to human health or animal health. This ingredient can increase your dog’s blood sugar levels. If he is diabetic, the reactions can be more adverse. Besides, sugar will increase weight and may lead to obesity. The carbs of sugar can also turn into fats if stored. This fat content can inflame dogs’ pancreas, causing pancreatitis.

Some pet owners may consider adding green tea to their dogs’ diet while avoiding caffeine. Well, green tea also contains caffeine, but in small amounts. It means your pet can’t escape from its side effects.

Can Dogs Drink Tea Sometimes?

Let’s say you have a German Shepherd or any other large breed. He takes a sip of tea from your cup. You will see him giving no reactions. But if a Yorkie takes a sip of tea, he may show some symptoms.

Large breeds have large bodies, that’s why they have more ability to digest foods and drinks. Small breeds have small bodies, so they have less ability to digest foods and drinks. It means the answer to whether dogs can drink tea sometimes, is complicated. For small dogs, we will say no, for large dogs, it can be yes.

Anyway, be mindful about the quantity. Your large dogs should not take more than a few sips from the tea.

What Type Of Tea Is Safe For Dogs?

Your dog may try to mimic you and want to sip your tea. Unfortunately, you can let him have it from your cup. But don’t worry, you can make tea for him in a different way. For instance, herbal teas, like peppermint tea, chamomile tea, ginger tea, etc are good for health. They don’t contain caffeine.

With peppermint tea, you can cure your dog’s upset stomach and promote him with a fresher breath. This tea is also good for treating nausea and weakness. Make sure you offer it to your paw friend in moderation.

Can Dogs Drink Tea

Another amazing and healthy tea for dogs is chamomile tea. Its anti-inflammatory properties can be a good aid for dogs who are dealing with inflammation. This tea is also good at soothing gastrointestinal upset.

Like chamomile tea, ginger tea has anti-inflammatory properties. These can cure gas, bloating, arthritis, nausea, etc.

Don’t consider any of these drinks as an ideal option to serve your pet. Only fresh water is best to meet their contentment.

Frequently Asked Questions: Can Dogs Drink Tea?

What drinks are safe for dogs?

Dogs can have certain drinks as an occasional treat. Such as fruit juices, vegetable juices, bone broth, alcohol-free energy brew, and caffeine-free herbal tea. However, water is the best and safest drink to offer for dogs and any other animals.

Can you use almond milk to make tea for your dog?

One of the main reasons why dogs shouldn’t drink tea is milk as they are lactose-intolerant. Hence, you may want to add almond milk to save him from the risks of lactose. Unfortunately, the tea with almond milk is still going to be unsafe for them, because the caffeine will be there.

Should all pets avoid tea?

Almost all mammals should avoid caffeine as it can be toxic to them. Besides, the milk can be triggering for most of them as cats and other pets are also lactose-intolerant. So yeah, all mammals should avoid tea. But they can drink small amounts of herbal tea.

Can dogs drink green tea?

Green tea can do good to humans. But it can do both good and bad to dogs. Its antioxidant properties may improve a dog’s health, but it tends to produce caffeine naturally. Hence, we can’t recommend offering green tea to them.

Final Thoughts

Perhaps, you have seen your dog taking a sip from tea and not giving any reactions yet. This can make you think, Can dogs drink tea? The answer is no if it is about the normal tea we drink every day. You can’t even offer them green tea. In short, any tea that has cow’s milk, caffeine, and sugar is a no-no for dogs and other animals.

Some teas are caffeine-free, especially herbal teas. You may consider giving them in smaller amounts to your canine friend. However, you can’t forget to ask his vet before introducing him to any drink or food.