Cameron Diaz Net Worth, Early Life, Career

Cameron Diaz Net Worth

Cameron Diaz, one of the A-listed actresses in Hollywood, is a loved figure in the industry. With three decades of acting career, Diaz has made headlines several times. And Cameron Diaz net worth is one of the hot topics for the fans.

Who is Cameron Diaz?

Cameron Michelle Diaz is a highly successful American actress, writer, and former fashion model. Her first shot to fame through her breakout role as Tina Carlyle in the 1994 comedy film “The Mask.” She is one of those Hollywood stars who has the most box-office success.

Cameron Diaz Net Worth

So far, Diaz has worked in more than forty successful movies and appeared in several TV shows. She has also been a winner of a British Academy Film Award winner. Additionally, she is a writer since 2013, with a New York Times bestseller book.

Full Name Cameron Michelle Diaz
Born August 30, 1972 (age 50)
Birthplace San Diego, California, U.S.
Nationality American
Height 5 feet 9 inches (1.77 m)
Profession Actor, Writer, Entreprenuer
Spouse Benji Madden (m. 2015)
Social Media Instagram, Twitter, Facebook
Net Worth $140 Million

What is Cameron Diaz Net Worth?

As of 2023, Cameron Diaz owns approximately $140 million in net worth. The bulk of Diaz’s earnings come from her acting career. She has earned hundreds of millions of dollars just from her acting salaries. According to Times, Diaz is the fifth highest-grossing American actress.

Besides, Diaz is Time’s best-selling writer and she is also an entrepreneur with her wine business.

Early Life and Career Beginning

Born in 1972 in San Diego, Cameron Diaz grew up in Long Beach, California. Her mom, Billie, worked with things coming in and going out of the country, and her dad, Emilio, worked for an oil company called Unocal. Her family has a mix of Cuban and European roots.

Growing up, Diaz lived in Long Beach. She started going to Los Cerritos Elementary School and later went to Long Beach Polytechnic High School. Guess who was one of her schoolmates? Snoop Dogg, the famous rapper!

Cameron Diaz Net Worth

While she was still in high school, something exciting happened. She got a job as a model with Elite Model Management. She showed up in ads for big brands like Calvin Klein and Levi’s.

By the time she was 17, she was on the cover of Seventeen magazine in July 1990. She even went to Australia for a few months and made a commercial for Coca-Cola in Sydney in 1991.

But in 1992, when she was 19, things got a bit complicated. She did a photo shoot without her shirt on for a type of fashion called S&M. The person taking the pictures was a photographer named John Rutter.

In 2003, just before her movie “Charlie’s Angels” was coming out, Rutter tried to sell the pictures and the video to Diaz for $3.5 million. When she said no, he tried to sell them to other people. Diaz thought this was like blackmail, so she took him to court.

Even though she tried, a 30-minute videotaped was put on a website in Russia in July 2004. In 2005, Rutter had to go to prison for over three years for this.

Acting Career: Major Source Behind Cameron Diaz Net Worth

Cameron Diaz’s path to acting fame started with her role as Tina Carlyle in the 1994 comedy film “The Mask.” Starring alongside Jim Carrey, her performance got much praise from audiences and critics alike. This breakout role simply opened doors to more opportunities for her.

In 1998, Diaz got her unforgettable role as Mary Jensen in the romantic comedy “There’s Something About Mary.” Her portrayal earned her wide fame and made her a Hollywood favorite.

Diaz’s transition to action-packed roles came with the “Charlie’s Angels” series. In the 2000 film and its 2003 sequel, she portrayed Natalie Cook. Once again, Diaz’s proved she could handle both comedic and action-oriented roles.

The actress’s talents extended beyond live-action roles. She lent her voice to the character of Princess Fiona in the beloved “Shrek” film series. That added another dimension to her diverse acting career. For two of the movies, she actually received $13 million in salary.

With the historical drama “Gangs of New York,” Diaz’s versatility as an actress was further evident. And she continued to showcase her charm in romantic comedies in “The Holiday.”


Again in 2011, Diaz came back to comedy with the film “Bad Teacher.” Then her foray into musicals came with the 2014 remake of “Annie”. Her performance added a fresh and entertaining twist to the classic character.

While Diaz’s acting career continued with projects like “The Other Woman,” she announced a hiatus from acting in 2018.

But it was a temporary break from the spotlight. The actress will return to the screen with Netflix’s upcoming film Back in Action (2023).

Salary Highlights

Between 1998 and 2011, when she was at the peak of her fame, she made more than $160 million just from the main pay she got for her movies.

In “There’s Something About Mary”, she made $2 million. For the “Charlie’s Angels” series, she got $12 million for the first installment and a huge $20 million for the second one. The movie “Gangs of New York” earned her around $17.5 million in total. Diaz reportedly made up to an incredible $42 million from “Bad Teacher.”


Is Cameron Diaz a Millionaire?

Yes, Cameron Diaz is a millionaire, with a $140 million net worth.

Why did Cameron Diaz quit acting?

According to Diaz, she quit acting to focus on her personal life and other interests. She wanted a break from the spotlight and try other ventures to explore.

Who did Cameron Diaz date before Benji?

Before Benji Madden, Cameron Diaz dated several people, including Justin Timberlake and Alex Rodriguez.

How much was Cameron Diaz paid for Shrek?

For the two Shrek movies, Diaz was paid $13 million in total.

Final Thoughts

Just like her acting career, Cameron Diaz net worth is absolutely amazing. With dozens of box office hit movies, she certainly earned lucrative paychecks just from her acting. Though she took a break from acting, Diaz was still busy with her business and writing. And she is ready to come back on screen at the end of this year.